Impractical Jokers Tour at the Warner Theatre


I know some of you noticed, and maybe have pointed out that I am lacking in posts. But life is busy! And it will continue to be busy until the baby is born! Did I mention I’m working on a mama blog, separate from this one? Whaaaaatt??

My days have been filled with work, freelance, car stuff, working on baby shower stuff (not mine, I’m lucky to be pregnant with my friends!), birthday parties, appointments, prepping for baby, and some social events.


Luckily we got to fit in a date night. Hubs and I went to see The Tenderloins Comedy Troupe on their Impractical Jokers Tour. If you haven’t heard of them (what are you living under a rock?) They have a show on Tru TV called Impractical Jokers. 4 best friends who challenge each other to do pranks to unsuspecting people, embarrass each other and have a hilariously good time (at least for us viewers) to watch them do it.


We looooove their show, and their live show was just as entertaining. They tell us stories of their times on the road, behind the scenes snaps of pranks they do to each other when they aren’t “working” (pranking in front of a camera for their show). And stories of their life. There was a meet and greet afterward, that I wish I participated in, but basically after the show they let you bum rush the stage to take pictures and talk to them…I’m too pregnant for that.

I love their show and after being 5 rows away from them, I feel like they are very personable, and we could be friends. Next time, I’d definitely want to bring more friends and meet them!

Surprise! You’re In A New Decade


I really thought nothing too special was going to happen for my 30th birthday. I didn’t plan to have a party. I didn’t have dinner plans with many friends. I thought I was just going to have a spa day, and then maybe a dinner that my husband plans with my girl friends. Quiet and calm.

I was having an internally emotional day Friday. I was going to be 30th, only 19 years younger than my mom when she died. Soon I will age past my mom (ideally). And I guess it was just a morbid thought I had. I was born at 1:44pm. My mom always texted or called me (pre-texting) to tell me happy birthday, not first thing in the morning like my dad and brother did. It was kind of our special thing, because that’s when I was really hers.

Since my mom passed, my husband has always been the one to send that text. He got super busy at work and missed it. I was sad, but I didn’t hold it against him. He came home and wished me happy birthday on California time :D. We had a beautiful dinner at our favorite, romantic restaurant, Bistro Cacao.


Saturday morning, my friend treated me to a chocolate facial at the spa, and then lunch. Then she was super adamant about getting me dolled up at her place…before her husband dropped me off at home. Wut. I’m just going home I don’t need to put on my face or do my hair. But she convinced me, saying we need to continue our day of beauty…right down to her helping me wash my hair at her place (I was looking a little too greasy I guess). Good thing I did. Because when I walked through the door, my husband was laying on the floor like this…


And the house was decorated with a tropical/Hawaiian theme. But everyone was still hidden, and no one yelled surprise at first. So I was just confused. Finally my niece jumps out from under the table and everyone came out of hiding. Husband put a lei on me and tied a grass skirt. I looked harder and saw that there were ninja turtles scattered about as well. A tropical TMNT themed 30th party. They know me so well.


Not only that, but my Ride or Die and her Fiance passed down the Hulk hands, and I too  got to HULK SMASH a cake for my 30th.

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Thank you to everyone that helped, attended, and made it a memorable 30th.

Minion Cupcakes, Never Again


Let me preface this by saying, I love my niece. I love being the one that bakes her cupcakes every year for her birthday, even though I’m really not a fan of decorating cupcakes. Every year my sister picks an awesome theme and they go all out. This year, it was Despicable Me, and she had minion everything.

Ashley pinned a picture of a twinkie topped cupcake, and asked if I could do it. I say…yes. Thankfully I got help from my baking guru friend Diem. I could not have done it without her!


We made funfetti cupcakes topped with a blue buttercream. I ordered Wilton Candy Eyeballs which I used to decorate the twinkies. We used black gel icing for the details, and chocolate jimmies for the spiky hair.



It’s a pretty simple thing to do, but since we made 48 it was a long and tedious process. First we cut the twinkies in half, then with a little frosting, stick one or two eyes on them.


After that, I poked holes into the top of the twinkies (which are now hard by the way from sitting out of the package) and inserted chocolate jimmies for spiky hair.



Using a small tip and black piping gel, I outlined the eyes to make goggles and finish their face.


After that we frosted the cupcakes, and pressed the twinkies on top! I personally don’t like eating twinkies, but everyone seemed to enjoy them!

Mardi Gras 2015

mb7fCdGzFKrjKPBG.png(picture by Diem Le)

Mardi Gras!!! Was yesterday… Which means today is ash wednesday. I’m not catholic, but the only reason I know these things is because one of my favorite holidays is Fat Tuesday. We celebrated this weekend with friends. I usually hide a baby in the cake and give out prizes buuuuuut, since there’s a baby in ME, we decided to use this gathering as a way to announce the sex of our baby!


Qo6tsGQFd3dYBQyI.jpgAnd it is a GIRL! A Mini Miemo!


Smash Cake

One of our dear friends, Kam, turned 30 last week. And our friends Jason and Deanna decided to give him a smash cake, as well as some hulk hands to complete the job. Best.Idea.Ever. They baked him a cake layered 4 stacks high specifically for this occasion. Prior to this, we went out on a triple dinner date (CFF= Couple Friends Forever) and its always a good time. I am so thankful to have my friends, and our husbands all get along. After smashing one cake, we ate another. We love you Kam!

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Dog Birthday Cake


I love my pup. A lot. He’s my furchild. You can make fun of me if you want, but I threw Bawse a birthday party this year. It will be the last year that he’s an only child, and hes a lot calmer now so we can have dogs in our tiny space without much destruction.


He had his buddies come over, we took them to run around in a park, then came back to cake and ice cream.

Here’s how I made his pup friendly cake!


Mix whole wheat, oats, and baking powder in one bowl.


Pumpkin, eggs, natural peanut better and vanilla extract in another.


Then mix THAT together.


And bake!


Cream cheese, yogurt, and honey.


Mix til smooth.


Decorate with milk bones!


I didn’t want the extra cake to go to waste after I trimmed it flat, so I made cake balls!

Bawse’s Birthday Cake
3 ½ cups whole wheat flour
½ cup oats
1 tbsp baking powder
2 ½ cups water
½ of 15 oz can of pumpkin puree
1 egg lightly beaten
½ tsp vanilla extract
Mini Milkbones for decoration

Preheat the oven to 350F. In a medium bowl mix flour, oats and baking powder together. Set aside. In a large bowl, mix water, pumpkin, egg, peanut butter and vanilla until well mixed. Stir dry ingredients into wet, until thoroughly mixed. Scoop into non stick cake pans. Bake until center sets about 45 minutes.

Cool completely. Remove from cake pan. Frost and decorate.

8 oz low fat cream cheese, room temperature
2 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tbsp honey

Mix until smooth, spread on cake!


December Already?!

My, my, my. Where has the time gone. It is already December 2014. Things have been slow around the blog, I know. But no apologies. Never any apologies. I am thankful that you guys come by and read, and share, definitely. But life is worth living! That being said, I will try to be much better about blogging.

Its been a hectic couple of months but I will try my hardest to be back. Now that I’m not as sickly, and back at cooking. YAY more things to write about. But really, December, where has the time gone? I am super excited to put up a tree this year. We skipped last year, because we were worried Bawse was too young and would destroy it when we left. But he is almost 2, so lets hope he’s better about it.

That being said, here is a couple of my old holiday drink posts to help you get into the spirit!

 Mulled Wine

Hot Vanilla Bourbon Cider


Pumpkin Carving with the Kiddies

Since our neighborhood rarely has any trick or treaters. We went to our friend's house and did Halloween stuff with their kids.
The adults carved out the tops and kiddos gutted them.
Then we had them trace their patterns onto the pumpkin. The the adults cut out the shapes and the kids pulled them out.
She's super proud of her work. Great team!

I of course took the seeds, cleaned them, then seasoned and baked them. That's my favorite part of carving pumpkins!

Calvert Rejuvenations


Located past some winding road through trees (just kidding it wasn’t that dramatic) my sis Ashley and Tu went to have a spa day. We got Herbology Retexturizing Body Treatment. Which is basically an herbal scrub. The outside looked like a small medical office building, but inside was a lavendar little fairy land.

We were moved to a nice oasis room, where we were given tea and forms to fill out while our therapists were getting ready. Each of us were ushered into our own rooms. Here you can pick out your own aromatherapy scent. I chose peppermint.

Most of my body scrubs have been done on vacation as a treat yourself, but this place is really nice, and did a great job, so I might get another one at the start of spring! She was very good, and I love that the crystallized herbs soak into your skin so you don’t have to shower off the scrub before the moisturizing massage. It was a much needed “treat yo self” place.

Calvert Rejuvenations

Life with Bawse: Hiking


Okay, lets be honest. I don’t feel like what we did was really hiking, more like taking a stroll on rugged terrain. We were planning on going to the Shenandoahs this weekend but it was scheduled to rain. We still wanted to get out so we too the pup to Great Falls, VA.


Bawse got a new backpack and we wanted to test it out. It’s perfect. He can carry his own water, bowl, treats, food, and poop bags now yay! And he walks pretty normal with it. We got him the Kurgo Wander Dog Pack and it’s perfect for our pitbull.


Bawse was so excited, he basically pulled the whole time. Not fun for his daddy. For the most part he was good at ignoring the other dogs, unless he was allowed to meet them. He met a girl pitbull and he was totally smitten he didn’t wanna leave her to continue our walk.


There was one weird guy with a labradoodle that kind of annoyed me though. We saw them coming, so we stepped off trail, and had Bawse sit and focus on me. He was doing really well, and all would have been fine if they guy kept walking past. But no, he just stopped in front of us with his dog.


Like. Really bro, wtf. Keep it moving. He didn’t say anything he just stood in front of us. Bawse must have felt uncomfortable because after sitting for a little while and them not moving on Bawse went towards the other dog, who then tensed up and they lunged at each other. We decided to just start walking. That was weird. And annoying.


Other than that he did pretty good, he just needs practice and desensitize from all the excitement of the sights (which I doubt will ever happen because nature is too exciting)!


The best part is a worn out puppy afterwards!